POPSUGAR Winter Features

It’s hard to believe I’m now in my fourth season as a POPSUGAR contributor! Now that we’re officially into spring, I wanted to wrap up my stories from over the winter. Despite caring for a newborn round-the-clock, I’m really proud of myself for having my most successful season, with 13 stories published across five different verticals. In January, I made it one of my yearly goals to get published on new subsections of the site and in 2021 I’ve been happy to see my work published in Food, Fitness and Fashion — all new territory for me!

Check out a recap of the stories below and click on the corresponding links to read the full articles. As always, your support truly means the world to me!


How We’re Making the Most of Our Son’s First Christmas, in Spite of COVID-19

OK, so COVID Christmas was really not the first Christmas I imagined for my first-born. But – we made it work. Read how here.

Hear Me Out: Having Dogs Absolutely Prepared Me For Motherhood

Before Alden was born, plenty of people told Andy and I that having dogs was nothing like having children. I believe these people were both very right and very wrong. Read my rationale here.

Product Reviews

As Mom to 2 Aggressive Chewers, I’ve Found the Dogwood Chew Toy Is the Superior Dog Bone

This dog bone made from real wood is the absolute best toy that I’ve found for Auggie and Albie. It actually stands up to their choppers and prolonged chewing. Read the full review and why I love them so much here.

I Tried the Much-Hyped Elvie Wearable Breast Pump — These Are My Thoughts

Never in a million years did I think I would be paid to write a review about a breast pump. But – life has a way of surprising us. Check out my full review of the Elvie Wearable Breast Pump here.

I Need to Talk About How Much I Love Tone It Up’s Ankle Weights

Is it possible to love ankle weights? As a matter of fact it is. This is why I love this set from Tone it Up.

This Eco-Friendly Diaper Bag Has Everything a Parent Could Ask For . . . and More

I knew that the baby and fashion industries had been making strides in designing more stylish diaper bags for carting around everything from bottles to diaper rash cream – but I wasn’t necessarily convinced that I would find a bag that would be stylish and functional and fit my lifestyle. That is, until I was introduced to the eco-friendly Willow diaper bag from Paperclip.

I Love to Walk, and This Space-Saving Treadmill Has Been the Perfect Home-Gym Solution

Walking is a big part of my maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but living in central New York where cold temps and dangerously icy sidewalks abound, I find that I have a difficult time reaching my daily step goal during the winter. This winter I purchased this mini treadmill and it has changed my life.

These Compostable Diapers Are Helping Me Reduce My Carbon Footprint

Before Alden was born, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out what I was going to do vis-à-vis diapers. I can’t look at a traditional disposable diaper without thinking about my contribution to the landfill (I’m serious), but I also wasn’t sure I had the time or energy to commit to cloth diapers. Thankfully, I found a middle ground with Dyper. Read all about this innovative company here.


My Great-Grandmother’s Simple Baking Hack Makes Chocolate Chip Cookies Taste Next-Level Good

I’m fortunate that I had the opportunity to know my great-grandmother on my mother’s side! She was an amazing woman and passed down some genius and well-loved cooking tips. This tip for achieving optimal chocolate chip cookie texture is one of my favorites.

I Prefer to Work Out in the Morning, and Here’s Why You Should, Too

I made the switch to morning workouts a few years ago. Now, I’ll never go back. Read why here.

This Trick For Removing Broken Eggshell Pieces From a Bowl Works Like a Charm

One of my all-time favorite cooking tips! Seriously, have you ever tried fishing out bits of eggshell from a cookie dough or cake batter? Absolute nightmare. This tip makes egg-shell retrieval SO much easier.


This Madewell Blazer Is the WFH Wardrobe Essential I Can’t Live Without

Why am I so obsessed with this blazer? Allow me to elaborate.

I Found the Perfect Statement Headband on Amazon — and It’s Less Than $3

My friend Leslie over at Chasing Cozy recommended this headband set to me last spring and I wear them on repeat! Cute, affordable and – get this – I can wear them all day without getting a headache. Read my full review here.

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