10 Hyggelig Ways to Welcome Spring

Although we never can be quite sure when spring will not only arrive but stay here in Central New York, the calendar is telling me that this week marks the first official day of spring. While I admittedly love winter timesweaters, snow, hot beverages and nights spent cozily indoors — I’m also always glad to see warm weather roll around, bringing with it a renewed energy and blossoming greenery. 

While hygge is inherent to winter time and cold weather, it’s important to understand that hygge is a feeling and state of mind that can be experienced all year round. Here are some ways you can welcome spring the hyggelig way: 

  1. Open the windows. Is the weather warm enough that you can open up your windows without freezing yourself out of your home? Then do so! Fresh air is rejuvenating and will be a constant reminder that spring has officially sprung. 
  2. Change up your cuisine. As the weather changes, you may find it’s easier to find fresh produce. Reflect the season in your cooking by adding lots of fresh veggies to your dishes. During the spring, I also love freshening up my desserts. Some of my favorites include carrot cake and cheesecake with berries
  3. Get outside. Being in nature is quintessentially hygge. While you should make a point to spend time in the great outdoors all year round, many of us find it much more enjoyable when the sun is shining and we don’t have to bundle ourselves up to step out the door. Take walks in nature, visit your local park. No time spent outside is time wasted. 
  4. Swap your candles. Suddenly your pine and cranberry scented candles feel a little out of place. Swap your baked-goods-inspired scents out for some that are floral. You might even enjoy lemon and orange blossom which can inspire a cleansing sensation. 
  5. Clean out your closet. Hygge is all about feeling at peace. Take some time to go through your closet and downsize. Go through every item and ask yourself if you’ve worn said item in the past year. If you haven’t worn it in the last 360 days, then chances are pretty good you won’t be in a rush to wear it in the future. Keep only that which you truly love.
  6. Organize your kitchen cabinets. Your kitchen can be an oasis – a place of creativity and inspiration. But it’s difficult for your kitchen to fill that role when it is overstuffed and chaotic. Similar to your closet, go through everything and decide what you’d like to keep and what you can stand to let go of. Some appliances may have seemed nifty at the time of purchase, but perhaps have lost their luster of the years. Afterall, how often do you really need a pasta maker? OK, maybe that was a bad example. But you get the point.
  7. Prep for the holidays. Spring has some beautiful holidays in its lineup including Mother’s Day and Easter. Start planning your celebrations early and make them extra memorable. Think about decorations, gifts and recipes. Making your holidays homemade also makes them hygge! 
  8. Try something new. Is there something you’ve been dying to try but just haven’t had the time? Maybe it’s a new hobby or going out to eat at that new restaurant in town. Spring is an energizing time of year, and as such, the perfect opportunity to pursue something new. 
  9. Visit your local farmers market. Many farmers markets are coming back to life this time of year. Supporting your fellow community members by purchasing local goods is not only socially conscious, it’s also very hygge. Not to mention a day at the farmers market can be a fun outing on your own, with a significant other or your family. 
  10. Sit back and relax. One way to add some extra hygge any time of year is to take time to sit back, relax and enjoy the present. Life is busy. Be sure you’re taking time to take care of yourself and enjoy that beautiful springtime sunshine. 

5 thoughts on “10 Hyggelig Ways to Welcome Spring

  1. Our city is on lockdown next few weeks 😞. Everything will be on hold. Except we can go outside and walk around our neighborhoods with social distancing. It is so warm outside!!! I can’t remember last time I was so excited about springtime.


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