Featured on PopSugar!

This week I was so incredibly humbled to find out that one of my most recent articles was chosen for publication on PopSugar. I’ve been a PopSugar reader for years and among all of the food, fitness and shopping content, the articles that really draw me in are the personal stories.

I love reading people’s tales and tribulations when it comes to fitness journeys, career struggles and accomplishments, and straight-up raw, genuine reflections of real-life experiences that we can all relate to.

After years of reading, I became inspired to submit an article of my own, focused around my recent pregnancy and how while I may be temporarily down (truthfully, there is only so much one can accomplish when plagued with nausea, heartburn and extreme fatigue), I’m certainly not out.

I was inspired to write this piece because I wanted to give other professional women something to relate to. Many of us who are female and childless in the workplace have wondered what children would do to our career. Have put off having children because we haven’t yet reached goal X, Y or Z. Have been told that “having it all” is a pipe dream or that to be both a mom and a career-woman is to do both jobs inadequately.

I have experienced all of these things. And I defy them.

Granted, I have yet to go through labor, delivery, postpartum recovery, the “fourth trimester,” and – oh yeah – raising a child, but the first two trimesters have really done a number on me both mentally and physically (pregnancy is hard!), and at the end of the day I just keep reminding myself of this one important fact:

My life journey is not defined by others. I am free and capable of being the person I’m meant to be and fearless in pursuit of my dreams. I am limitless. 

Life throws us a lot of curveballs; it isn’t always easy to be confident, brave or motivated. But it’s my hope that everyone can think and feel this way, and wholeheartedly believe it because they know deep down that it’s true.

I wrote this article for me; for my self-expression and restless mind. But I also wrote it for women everywhere. For anyone who has ever doubted their capabilities or potential, this one’s for you.

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