2nd Trimester Recap: Gender Reveal, Baby Registry and Nursery Progress

I can’t believe I’ve reached this point already but here we are at the end of trimester #2! Some days it feels like this pregnancy is going to last forever and others it feels like it flew by. Read on to learn more about my second trimester journey and how Andy and I have continued plugging along in preparing for Baby Janitz’s arrival.

Week 14: During this week I felt like it was finally safe to say that the morning sickness was behind me. I did have one bout of vomiting but it turns out it was induced from wearing a mask for an extended period of time and not the hormones.

Week 15: Baby is as big as a pear! During this week we started shopping for nursery furniture. And by furniture I mean we bought one item: the crib.

Weeks 16 & 17: I spent a lot of time crafting for our upcoming gender reveal party. One craft that I had a lot of fun making was an entire garden’s worth of tissue paper flowers. Click here to learn how to make them for yourself!

Week 18: Andy was finally able to accompany me to an ultrasound and see his son on the big screen during the anatomy scan. This was a special moment for us as during the first trimester COVID-19 restrictions kept my husband outside waiting for me in the parking lot and unable to see his growing child.

After the ultrasound confirmed our baby’s gender, we thought it would be a great time to have our small gender reveal party for our close family members. To read more about the get-together and tips for planning your own, click here.

Week 19: It was during this week that we celebrated Andy’s first Father’s Day! Of course he received his usual gift from me and the dogs (a pizza stone) but he was also treated to a gift from Baby Janitz: a sweet pack of “Star Wars” themed newborn onesies and this card that says it all:

Week 20: I learned that my piece about pregnant women in the workplace was picked up by POPSUGAR. Read it here! And read more about the inspiration here.

Week 21: I had officially reached the halfway point in pregnancy – victory was mine!

I started to feel Baby’s first tiny kicks (Fun!)! I also started noticing some minor stretch marks and veins making an appearance (Less fun!). To top off the week, I went shopping for supplies to start on some fun DIY projects for the nursery.

Week 22: 5 months down, 4 months to go. I had a follow-up ultrasound to check on Baby’s spine (he wouldn’t cooperate in week 18) and we were relieved to find out everything looks good!

Week 23: I started shopping for new clothes to fit around the bump that really started to make itself known. I still haven’t taken the plunge and invested in many maternity outfits. I feel like I will get more use out of larger, non-maternity clothes in the long run than I would out of elastic-paneled clothing made specifically for pregnancy. Not to mention working from home has taken a huge pressure off looking professional and presentable every day! I found some great soft shorts from Aerie and some dresses from Target. I sized up one size in all of these items to accommodate my ever-growing bump.

Aside from a stack of new clothing items, my trip to the post office also yielded the giddy surprise of finding our baby shower invite awaiting me in the PO Box. *Cue excited “awws”*

It was also during this week that Andy was able to feel our baby’s kicks for the first time! He was surprised by how strong the little guy is already (tell me about it) and now we’re both speculating how big and/or strong he’s going to be when he joins us in the world.

During this week I also published the research I did in building our baby registry. To check out my research and our philosophies behind our registry, click here. And to visit our registry, click here.

Week 24: I finished the book “Bringing Up Bebe” by Pamela Druckerman — Of all the pregnancy/parenting books I’ve read thus far, this was definitely my favorite! It was incredibly entertaining and I was surprised to find out that my own imagined parenting method is very much in-line with the French parenting style. As someone who went to a journalism school, I also found Druckerman’s writing style to be incredibly relatable and would recommend this read to anyone interested in social sciences. You can buy the book here!

Week 25: We ordered a changing table and and bassinet and crossed shopping for nursery furniture off our list. Still lots of decorating ahead of us but the big items are taken care of. It was during this week that I shared more information on our nursery theme and inspiration. You can check it out here!

Week 26: I finished said nursery craft mentioned above and can’t wait to show you all the finished product along with the finished room! This week also marked the official 100 day countdown to baby’s due date. I hope he doesn’t make us wait too long past it.

This week I was also excited to have my first article as a POPSUGAR Contributor published. Apparently writing about pregnancy is my thing? Read it here.

Week 27: Baby Janitz and the rest of the family celebrated love and our growing family with the announcement of my little (and only) brother’s engagement.

Is it time for a nap yet?

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