6 Not-So-Conventional Ways I’m Preparing for the Arrival of Baby Janitz

Nesting is So On

Less than one month until our baby’s due date and I’m definitely feeling the pre-baby nesting instinct setting in. While the term “nesting” probably conjures up mental images of a soon-to-be parent prepping a nursery, laundering tiny socks and onesies, and packing a hospital bag, for me it’s meant doing those things and then some. I don’t want to say that some of my baby prep agenda items are un-conventional as I don’t claim to be the first person to take these steps, but I will go out on a limb and say perhaps they are less-conventional. So here they are: the 6 not-so-conventional ways I’m baby prepping:

I’m Hustling

I work full-time in a brand management position and am fortunate to have retained my job during COVID-19. I’m even more fortunate that I’ve spent my entire pregnancy working from home! While I will be getting (and taking) maternity leave through the form of disability and NYS Paid Family Leave, I’ll definitely be bringing home a lot less than my usual pay check during those months that I’m bonding with Baby J. To make up the financial difference and feel extra prepared for the next 3-4 months of my life I’ve been HUSTLING and picking up as many side gigs as possible. This has included becoming a Contributor for POPSUGAR as well as a Like to Know It Influencer.

If you follow me on Instagram, then you’ll also have noticed that I’ve been selling some of my homemade wares including fabric pumpkins and seasonal fabric pennant banners. Personally, I like to be busy. And there is something extra motivating knowing that my hard work is translating to supporting my family (in other words: diaper fund).

I’m Getting My Holiday Shopping Done Early

The holidays are coming and so are a handful of family birthdays. I know I’m about to be really busy and really tired (and also definitely making less money – see above) so I’ve been working to get my shopping done early this year so that I can still enjoy the process and not be stressed out by it.

I’m Stocking the Freezer

I know I’m about to have way less time to cook. Being the health nut that I am, I don’t want to come home from the hospital and start shoveling carbs out of convenience. Some healthy recipes that I’m prepping ahead of time include turkey chili, ziti made with chickpea pasta and ground turkey, and healthy muffins. I’m also packing the freezer full of healthful store-bought items including tons of frozen veggies and lean protein (I can’t wait to get back to eating as much fish as I want!).

I’m Acclimating My Dogs

Our fur babies have never been around a human baby before! To get them ready, Andy and I decided to bring home a baby doll borrowed from my mother-in-law and her daycare business and treat it like it’s a real baby. It’s funny how the dogs have really grasped the concept and it’s honestly been adorable watching our older dog, Auggie, sleep next to the bassinet and get excited every time we go to pick up “the baby.”

I’m Documenting the Experience

If you read this blog regularly, then you know I’ve been pretty consistent and open in documenting my pregnancy experience. I’ve also been publishing a fair amount of pregnancy-inspired articles on POPSUGAR and have also been enjoying writing about the experience on a more personal level in this pregnancy journal. I love thinking about my son one day being able to read all of these different pieces and getting a glimpse into what his parents’ life was like and what his mom’s thought processes were before he was born.

I’m Prioritizing Myself and My Health

During pregnancy it’s pretty easy to start to feel like little more than an incubator. There is so much attention on baby and baby’s health (as there should be!) that it’s easy to start to forget about what you need as an individual to be whole. Knowing that life is about to change drastically, I’m taking steps to really make the most of what’s left of this pre-children period of my life and take some time for myself. Some of the ways I’m doing this has been continuing with my daily workouts (this is so important for me both physically and mentally), taking daily walks, spending time making art and playing piano, and enjoying sleeping in as much as possible! During pregnancy it’s so important to retain a sense of self and this is absolutely something I want to continue into parenthood.

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