POPSUGAR Fall Features

Today, on the last official calendar day of fall, I’m closing the books on my second season as a POPSUGAR contributor. This summer I was overjoyed to accept an offer to become a contributor to the publication and the experience has continued to be extremely fulfilling. I love having the opportunity to share my voice with a wide audience on topics that I’m passionate about! From interviews with vets to personal stories to shopping posts, check out a roundup of my pieces that were featured this fall.

I’m Very Grateful For My Pregnancy, but I’m Finding the Experience Very Uncomfortable

If you follow my work either here on the blog or on POPSUGAR, then you know pregnancy wasn’t exactly my favorite experience. I suffered from severe morning sickness, heartburn and general discomfort. I love my son SO much and always felt very grateful to have a healthy pregnancy — but that’s not to say it was an experience I’ll remember fondly. I might honestly go as far as to say it was the worst 9 consecutive months of my life (it’s definitely a top contender). I feel very strongly that how you feel about pregnancy has no bearing on how you will be as a parent and that we need to be better about giving women a platform to express how they really feel about pregnancy. Enough with the propaganda that pregnancy is 9 months of nothing but beautiful hair and styled bump photos! Read more about my experience and my thoughts here.

Young Adult Novels Are My Favorite Book Genre, and I’m Not Ashamed

This was a fun piece to write for the Entertainment vertical! I worked in a public library for many years, through high school, college and grad school (easily one of my favorite jobs ever!). During my time there I realized and accepted that – even as an adult – the YA section was my favorite. I also learned that I’m not alone! Learn why here.

How to Stop Puppy Biting According to Dog Experts

Puppies – they’re so freaking cute. But if you’ve never had one before, then you may be surprised to find out that the cute little fluff ball you brought home is more like a barracuda than it is a sweet baby. This piece features interviews with vet and dog trainer Alyssa Cornelius, DVM and Frank DeSimone, owner of Alpha Obedience Dog Training and explores why puppies bite and how owners can help train their little monsters – I mean puppies – out of this behavior. Read the story here.

My Pregnancy Weight Gain Is Bringing Up a Lot of Uncomfortable Body-Image Issues

I got really personal on this one! Being pregnant can take a hit to even the most confident woman’s self-esteem. I know I definitely wasn’t prepared to put on over 50 lbs and say a temporary goodbye to my ankles. I went from being extremely confident about my health and physical appearance to finding myself fighting away the eating disorder tendencies of my past. Read my story here.

20 Halloween Costumes That Will Actually Fit Your Large Breed Dog

I wrote this roundup for all the dog owners who – like me – have a giant dog and therefore struggle to find cute Halloween costumes for them. Check out the shopping post here!

I’m Pregnant Right Now and These are My 7 Tips for Saving Money on Maternity Clothes

Preparing for a baby can sometimes feel like creating the longest shopping list of your life. In addition to buying everything from burp clothes to a bassinet, you also have to consider what you – the mom – are going to wear for the next nine months. I know I personally didn’t want to shell out tons of money on clothes that I would only be wearing for a short period of time. So I got creative. Read my top seven tips for saving money on maternity wear here.

The Surest Flea and Tick Collar Gives Me Peace of Mind as a Pet Owner

One of my favorite dog products! Andy and I have been loyal Seresto collar customers for year. Find out why here.

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