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Inspiring Others Through the RewardStyle Influencer Program

I’m excited and humbled to announce that I have recently been accepted to the rewardStyle Influencer Program. I started this blog with the intention of sharing the hygge lifestyle and – in doing such – inspiring people to live their happiest, most contented lives. Over the last six months I’ve shared DIY projects, tips for an elevated, cozy lifestyle, wellness hacks and anecdotes from my own life in hopes that they resonate with those who might be going through similar journeys. Helping others live an inspired life has always been the end goal. Now, as a rewardStyle Insfluencer, I feel even more empowered to do just that.

What is rewardStyle? And What is Like To Know It?

For those who may not be familiar with Like To Know It, it’s an app that connects social media influencers with followers and allows people to shop their favorite Instagram posts and the styles of those they follow. RewardStyle is the company behind Like To Know It and is the tool I will be using to create shoppable posts.

How Do I Shop Through Like To Know It?

It’s actually really easy! Here’s how to shop products through the Like To Know It platform:

  1. Download the Like To Know It app – It’s super safe, I promise!
  2. Follow your favorite influencers. (You can find me by searching “Emilee Janitz” in the influencer search!)
  3. When you see an image that strikes you either in your feed or on an influencer’s profile, tap on it. Once you click on the image, you will see product links pop up at the bottom of your screen. These links show you all the different products featured in the photo. Tap the product image that you’re interested in and it will take you to the seller’s website. Popular sites that influencers link to include Amazon and Target among many other numerous fashion, home and hobby websites. There is no extra cost associated with shopping through the LTK app – it’s just a different way of shopping, catered to those of us who use social media!

How Will You Be Using Like To Know It?

As an accepted Influencer, I now have a profile on Like To Know It – give me a follow by downloading the app and searching “Emilee Janitz.” Tap the “follow” button to make sure you see my content in your home feed! I will be posting shoppable images to this profile and also posting shoppable links here on my blog!

What Kind of Products Will You Be Featuring?

Good question! I honestly love women’s fashion and plan on posting a lot of style content both now (during pregnancy) and postpartum. Again, my main focus is inspiring a hygge lifestyle so you can expect to see a lot of cozy knits, whimsical patterns and bookish fashions.

Other items I will be featuring include home decor, baby clothing and products and – yee! – craft supplies and tools. I want to inspire you to be creative in your life and will give you tips for purchasing craft supplies and products that will help you feel empowered as a creative.

Do You Make a Commission When I Buy Products from Your Account or on This Blog?

Yes! I want to be completely transparent. If you make a purchasing using a link I have supplied on this blog or directly from my Like To Know It profile I make a small commission from the purchase.

That being said, this is not a full time job for me and my main goal isn’t to make money. People who know me in my personal life can attest to the fact that I legitimately love to shop and also enjoy shopping for others. For me, this is really just a lot of fun! I love connecting people with products they feel good about purchasing. Products that can help make their lives just a little bit more hygge.

So Is This Now a Shopping Blog?

No! My main focus still remains supplying you, my readers, with inspiration through storytelling and lifestyle tips. I will be adding links along the way but the purpose of this blog will remain the same. I want to share the hygge lifestyle with you and connect with you through authentic stories. Blogging brings me a great sense of joy, and while I may now be featuring products from time to time, it will not become the focus of this blog.

Curious to see what I’ve posted so far? Click on the link below to check out my profile and give me a follow!

Not so into the idea of shopping through the app? Here are some of my favorite products I’ve posted so far for fall:

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