DIY Tissue Paper Flowers

Make Your Own Tissue Paper Flowers!

Whether you’re planning a party or looking to add a touch of homemade whimsy to your spring or summer decor, tissue paper flowers are a fun, affordable decorative option.

I recently made a bunch of these flowers for our gender reveal party and tied them to the backs of chairs and used them as center pieces to add some color to the environment and promote the theme of the event.

The other great thing about this craft is that the incredible simplicity makes it the perfect craft for children so long as they’re old enough to handle a pair of scissors on their own! Now that I’m expecting myself, I think a lot more about what crafts are child accessible or how I can modify crafts to make them so! Check out my instructions below for making your own tissue paper flowers:

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own tissue paper flowers:

  • Tissue paper in your chosen color
  • A pair of scissors
  • A stapler, filled with staples
  • Fishing line or ribbon (optional)

Now that you have your supplies gathered, follow these listed instructions or follow along with the video below to assemble your flowers!


  1. Gather six sheets of tissue paper and stack them neatly
  2. Cut your tissue paper into a rectangular shape, cutting through all six sheets (I use the fold lines of the paper as a guide)
  3. Accordion-fold your tissue paper stack
  4. Once folded, staple the folded paper in the middle
  5. Using scissors, round the edges of the tissue paper. Doing so will give your flower the appearance of petals. You can also great creative and try zig-zag shapes!
  6. Carefully separate the sheets of tissue paper, “fluffing” up the flower
  7. Optional: Tie ribbon or fishing line to the center of the flower so that it is easy to hang or tie

Did you make this craft? Share a photo in the comments section below!

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