9 Hyggelig Activities for a Contented Summer

How to Hygge This Summer

Because the concept of hygge stems from the cold-weather country of Denmark and roughly translates to “cozy” in English, we often associate it with sitting under a warm blanket, sipping cocoa and watching the snowflakes fall. But the truth is, hygge is more than just a state of coziness, it’s a feeling of peace and contentment that can be achieved all-year long. 

Here are some of my favorite ways to practice hygge in the summer: 

Enjoy coffee on the patio

I love summer weekends when I’m able to leisurely enjoy my coffee outside before it gets too hot. The next time you get the chance, take your coffee out onto your porch, patio, or front step and soak in the early morning warmth. 

Grill your meals

Similar to enjoying your morning brew outside, cooking outside in the fresh air is a rejuvenating experience. Plus it keeps the heat out of your home during the hot summer dinner hour – bonus! Throw your favorite meats and skewered veggies on the grill to cook a complete meal. 

Have a bonfire

Andy and I don’t often host bonfires but thankfully our family does! Bundling up next to a bonfire on a cool summer evening is a great way to achieve some summer hygge. Bonus hygge points if you make s’mores. 

Grow something

A common hyggelig practice is appreciating nature. The summer is the perfect time to grow flowers or even start your own vegetable garden. There is something truly satisfying about watching things grow. If you don’t have a lot of room for a full-fledged garden, then try growing a limited number of plants in pots. You may surprise yourself with your green thumb!

Visit farmers’ markets, farm stands and farms

Just because you may not have the time or resources to grow your own veggies doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fresh, local produce. Research local farmers’ markets in your area and plan a visit. Living in Central New York, one of my favorite summer activities is blueberry picking. I love picking several pounds and freezing them so that I have fresh berries all year long. Outside of the world of produce, you can also look for unique agro-tourism attractions, such as my in-laws’ lavender farm. 

Get out and be active

Our bodies are meant to be in motion. Go out and take a walk, go swimming, explore your nearest state park or nature reserve. Chances are, the physical activity and time spent in nature will leave you feeling refreshed. Take your phone along in case you need it but make a point to leave it in your pocket or bag. You mind and body will thank you for the screen break.

Treat yourself

Of course, hygge is also about the occasional indulgence. It’s ice cream season, so don’t forget to hit up your favorite local ice creamery and grab your favorite flavor in a sundae or milkshake. 

Catch fireflies and stare at the stars

Whether you’re camping or enjoying a night on the patio, spend some of your evenings away from the television and soaking in the great outdoors. There’s something magical about summer evenings. Don’t let them slip away without enjoying them. 

Make time for the things that bring you joy

Above all else, make time for you this summer. Whether it be reading a book, trying a new recipe or lounging at the beach, prioritize your own self-care and use the warmer months to treat yourself to a much-needed period of rest and relaxation.

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