6 Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day At Home

How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day During the Pandemic

I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day. Then again – who can turn their nose away at a holiday dedicated to flowers and chocolate? Every year, Andy and I look forward to an elegant evening out at our favorite restaurant, the Brewster Inn in Cazenovia. We order wine, way too many courses and enjoy sitting in front of one of the several roaring fireplaces. Oh, so hygge.

Unfortunately, due to COVID (and let’s face it – due to the fact that we have a 2-month old baby), we’ll be celebrating differently this year and will be spending the evening in. While we would probably be spending the holiday at home this year regardless (again, newborn), many of you may also be finding yourselves at home this Valentine’s Day in lieu of your usual plans. Whether you’re celebrating as a couple or as a family, I’ve put together a few fun, easy and affordable ideas below:

Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day at Home

Cook a Nice Dinner

It’s not quite as luxurious as going out and having someone else cook your meal for you, but cooking a meal together can be a fun way for you and your significant other to spend some quality time together on Valentine’s Day. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t usually buy (say, lobster) or get adventurous and try a new recipe together. Bonus: cooking for yourself is wayyyy cheaper than going out to eat – even if you do dine on lobster.

Have a Movie Night

Honestly, setting aside a few hours to have a movie night can be quite the adult luxury. Get out the wine and fine chocolates and enjoy cozying up under a blanket. Make a point to put the phones away (or go crazy and – *gasp* – turn them off!) and truly enjoy spending time with your loved one.

Make Your 2021 Bucket List Together

OK, so 2020 didn’t exactly go the way we thought it would. But 2021 is still new and fresh! Celebrate the holiday of love by making a bucket list for the year ahead with the one you love most. Write down the places you’d like to travel this summer or the shows you’d like to watch together. Planning for the future can be a fun way to bond as a couple.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day at Home With Kids

Organize a Valentine Drop-Off

Do your kids have friends or grandparent who live nearby? Help them make up some valentines and spend the day driving around delivering them. If your family lives far away, help your child send their valentines in the mail. A sweet, handmade hello is sure to spark joy and smiles among recipients.

Make a Valentine’s Day Craft

Homemade valentines, red and pink pom-pom garlands, heart designs made with tiny, red-stamped footprints – check out Pinterest, hit up your local craft store and get creative! A surprise impromptu craft session is a great way to entertain kids during the colder months and will be a memory they look back on fondly.

Bake a Festive Treat

Color rice Krispy treats with red and pink sprinkles, make pink-frosted cupcakes or heart-shaped cutout cookies. I’m also a fan of red velvet for Valentine’s Day! Save some to enjoy and help your kids gift the rest to neighbors, friends and family. (Sharing food – especially baked goods – is another way to practice hygge!)

With a little ingenuity, your Valentine’s Day at home can be just as romantic and fun as those of years past. But don’t worry – I’m confident next year we’ll be back to our dinners out.

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