Alden’s Two Month Update

Alden Turns Two Months Old!

Our little guy is two months old already! This has been an exciting month – we’ve gotten to watch him literally grow right before our eyes and see his personality start to come to life more and more each day. Read on to learn more about what we’ve been up to these last few weeks:

Physical Development

This month Alden went through a big growth spurt around six weeks. We knew he was going through a growth spurt because he wasn’t sleeping well and was incredibly clingy. Thankfully, the growth spurt only lasted about a week or so and he was back to his happy self in no time! Reinforcing our belief that he just went through a growth spurt, he started wearing 3-6 month clothes almost immediately after this timeframe.

On a related note, I’m actually really proud of myself for buying the appropriate amount of clothing for age 0-3 months. Even though he didn’t have a ton of clothes for this timeframe, I found myself doing laundry almost every day so his small dresser drawer full proved to be the perfect amount. The only thing I would do differently in the future is probably not bother with too many short-sleeves (if the next one were to also be born during the colder months, that is).

With his added length and weight, he has remained incredibly strong. He’s still able to roll over from front to back and is getting really close to being able to do back to front. His ability to hold his head up continues to improve and we even tried him in a jumper one night. He wasn’t really able to “jump” necessarily (not that we expected him to), but he really enjoyed us bouncing him in it.

Cognitive Development

His awake periods are much more alert these days! It’s really fun watching him start to interact with his toys and take in the world around him. He has continued to love his Lovevery play gym and high contrast flash cards, and has now started batting at toys when laying on his back. One of the cooler milestones has been watching him notice his hands – he literally brings them up to his face and just stares at them!

He has also learned that he loves hair – whether it’s mine, Andy’s or even the dogs’. We’ve started to gently correct him when he grabs my hair and pulls, but we certainly enjoy watching him literally snuggle into Auggie’s fur. It’s so sweet! He has also started “squealing in delight” which is just about the cutest thing I have ever witnessed.

He’s also figured out that he doesn’t like being alone at nap time and will cry to try and get Andy or I to come into the nursery. We know these actions are definitely deliberate as he stops crying when he hears us coming up the stairs.

Life Updates

Alden celebrated his first Christmas! Unfortunately, because of COVID, we couldn’t do our usual Christmas traditions with family but we made the most of it and enjoyed bonding as a unit of three.

It was in similar fashion that we celebrated his first New Year.

It was during this month that we also got the little guy on a much more rigid schedule. Andy and I are both really happy about this as it’s something that was important to us before he was born. We’re all much more content now that we know what each day is going to look like! Being able to plan my day out again also helps me devote my attention to Alden while he’s awake and make the most of getting stuff done for myself during nap times. This is what our schedule roughly looks like at this point:

  • 7:30 am: Wake up, bottle, playtime
  • 9:30 am: Nap
  • 11 am: Bottle, playtime
  • 12:30 pm: Nap
  • 3 pm: Bottle, playtime
  • 4:30 pm: Nap
  • 5:30 pm: Playtime
  • 6:30 pm: Bottle
  • 7 pm: Bath, book
  • 7:30 pm: Bed
  • 11:30 pm: Bottle
  • 12 am: Bed
  • 5 am: Bottle

Postpartum Update

Two thirds of the fourth trimester is in the books! The biggest milestone for me this month was being cleared to work out. I’ve been exercising daily since I was 11 years old as a way to prioritize both my mental and physical health, and not being able to workout the first six weeks postpartum was honestly my own personal form of Hell. It feels so good to move again!

Since the one month milestone, I’ve lost an additional 3.5 pounds for a total of 40 pounds. I’ll be honest in admitting that I’ll be happy when the scale reads a number closer to my starting weight but I’m trying not to get too hung up on the number itself. I remind myself that my body just went through a HUGE physical change, that the outcome was nothing short of miraculous, that recovering from childbirth actually take a full year and that – in the end – weight is just a number.

I’ve actually been back to wearing most of pre-pregnancy pants and jeans, and it feels really great to be enjoying some of my favorite clothes again! This has less to do with the size of them and more to do with just enjoying pieces that I love. Not being able to wear any of my clothes during pregnancy honestly bothered me more than I thought it would and definitely more than it should have. This is something I’ll have to work on next time!

Lessons I Learned During the Second Month of Motherhood

  1. You won’t care if your child spits up on you.
  2. Belly buttons don’t always heal on schedule.
  3. The 6-week growth spurt is no joke.
  4. Nap time is the best time.
  5. Your baby might like high contrast images more than you.
  6. It’s true, they outgrow their clothes ridiculously fast.
  7. Having a first baby during a global pandemic is not a fate I would wish on anyone.
  8. (Some) pregnancy weight gained is still weight – it doesn’t all just melt off.
  9. A two-month old feels and looks much more substantial than a one-month old.
  10. Lack of sleep isn’t necessarily caused by “baby isn’t sleeping.” It could very well be driven by anxiety.
  11. There’s nothing better than a baby reacting to you with a smile and a happy squeal.

Our Favorite Products for Month Two

Egg Crinkle Toy, Milestone Blocks, Sleep & Play, Pack & Play Sheets, Graco Pack & Play, Loveevery Play Gym

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