Why It’s Important to Go Outside: Even When It’s Cold Out

Ahhhh the joys of living in a cold-weather climate. If you live in a place that experiences strong, cold winters, then you know what I’m talking about. Days are short and stepping outside also comes with the realistic expectation that you’re going to see your breath. Or, if you’e just taken a shower, witness the instant freezing of your hair. These are the days where it seems like you never have quite enough layers on and you make solemn vows to yourself to start looking for homes in Florida or Hawaii.

When the wind is raging and the snow is falling, it can be difficult to make yourself step outside – especially when you give yourself the option of sitting on the couch under a blanket with a warm cup of cocoa and your favorite slippers. 

But getting outside is important during all seasons and doing so – especially during the winter time – is a great way to practice hygge. Afterall, Scandinavian countries are known for spending time outside year round – they don’t allow cold weather to get in their way in living life to its fullest! 

While I’m not suggesting you take up dog sledding or ice fishing anytime soon (although, if that inspires you then please do and post pics), there are still plenty of approachable ways you can get outside during the winter season. Some activities you may consider include taking a walk, sledding, going for a hike, skiing, snowboarding — seriously, there are so many fun things you can do in the cold weather and snow! 

3 Hyggelig Reasons to Go Outside This Winter

Still not feeling inspired? Here are some reasons why getting outside is so important during the winter months: 

Going outside is one more defense against cabin fever.

Cabin fever isn’t an irrelevant term. Part of what makes us feel a bit stir-crazy during the winter months is spending all of our time indoors. Getting outside is rejuvenating for both your mind and body. Is it cheesy to say that fresh air awakens the soul? Probably. But is it also true? I’m going to say so. There is something that feels good about getting outside and beyond the confines of your home, office and other frequently-utilized indoor diggs. 

Time in nature can help you achieve a sense of peace.

Even when it’s cold out, being outside can bring on an innate sense of peace. Step outside for a walk and leave your cell phone indoors. You might be surprised how refreshing it is to take 10 to 15 minutes away from your device. Taking walks in nature has also been known to help clear your mind and boost your mental wellness. 

Going out can help with your daily dose of vitamin D.

You’ve probably heard this one before and are asking yourself, why is vitamin D important? Vitamin D is critical for your body to retain calcium and, in absorbing calcium, promoting bone growth. Some studies also indicate that low levels of vitamin D can be linked with feelings of depression. As important as it is, this vitamin can be hard to come by, especially in the winter time when you’re spending all of your time indoors. It’s important to get outside (even just briefly) on those winter days when the sun is shining to help your body absorb some of that happy-hormone-bone-growth-promoting vitamin!

While I’m definitely one who loves staying indoors I try to make a point to get outside, year-round. I love taking my dogs for walks (one of them is a husky so he actually prefers when it is below zero) and getting out to capture winter photos. 

What is your favorite outdoor activity? Comment below! 

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