Thoughts As We Get Ready to Say Goodbye to Summer

Fall is in the air…

There is always something bittersweet about the summer season coming to an end. Sunny days are replaced with cool, crisp air and we find ourselves spending more time inside, picking up new hobbies and enjoying a casserole (or two… or three.) For some, I know the end of summer can actually be a little bit sad, knowing that the long days of sunshine (and for some) summer vacation are over. But if I’m being honest, it’s hard for me to mourn summer when fall is just around the corner.

I’m a November baby so fall has always been my favorite. With my birthday landing on November 1, I always looked forward to celebrating Halloween and continuing the celebration the next morning. A holiday centered around homemade costumes, parties, school parades and trick-or-treating gave way to birthday gifts and cake the following day. I mean really, can you imagine anything more fun as a child? Talk about a sugar rush.

As an adult, I still love Halloween but I especially look forward to the weather and general atmosphere of fall. It’s a season designed for hygge. Here in Central New York, we’re lucky to live in an autumnal dream from September through mid-November. The air is crisp, the leaves are vibrant and there is an apple orchard and pumpkin patch around almost every corner. Every year I look forward to enjoying local fall activities including an annual visit to Fly Creek Cider Mill in Cooperstown, NY, – shopping locally-made treats and watching the antique press make cider- and last year I also had a ball visiting Critz Farms with my good friend Molly, exploring the corn maze, hand-picking a pumpkin and eating what were easily the best apple fritters I’ve ever tasted.

Fall weather also lends itself to my favorite fashion conditions – boots, sweaters and scarves (oh my!). It’s cool enough to dress in these favorite pieces without requiring a gigantic coat thrown overtop. Sure, warm weather is great, but by the end of summer I’m more than ready to ditch the tank tops and flip flops for cozy knits and more structured shoes.

Living in Central New York, it’s almost a requirement to be a little bit fall obsessed. My husband is also a fan of autumn which is why we chose to have our wedding in October almost two years ago (wow, time flies). Even though we were hit with an unexpected bout of rain right before the ceremony (single most anxious 30 minutes of my life), the storm cleared just in the knick of time, approximately 10 minutes before the ceremony. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck so that adage paired with the perfect timing made the day even more magical. The October air was the perfect temperature for an outdoor ceremony and I love looking back at our wedding portraits and seeing the vibrant orange leaves adorning the backdrop.

While late August always has me counting down the days until the fall equinox, this year’s seasonal transition is bringing on a whole new string of emotions. Sure, we’ll be enjoying our usual favorite fall recipes, carving pumpkins and visiting and orchard or two, but we’ll also be getting ready to welcome our newest family member. To say we’re beyond excited would be an understatement. It’s crazy to think that in a little over two months we’ll have another person in our family and Andy and I will be parents!

Of course I’m nervous too (what first-time parent isn’t?) but I’m feeling ready for this next stage of life.

Ready for the season to change. Ready for new adventures. And oh so ready to meet our son.

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