Celebrating Baby Janitz at Our Baby Shower

Despite COVID putting a damper on most normalcy, this weekend Andy and I had the opportunity to celebrate our newest family member at a baby shower thrown in his honor. We’re so grateful to our family and friends who attended the event and made it a special occasion. I’m especially grateful to my mom and step-mother for planning the whole shebang. It was such a wonderful bright spot in the middle of the quarantine madness and even more heartwarming to see just how many people are eager to welcome and support Baby Janitz. He doesn’t realize it yet but he’s so lucky and so loved!

Here’s a quick recap of the event:


My step-mother has her own business and can often be found at large craft fairs, selling her many wares out of posh booths and tents. It came as no surprise to me that every single detail of the baby shower was on point, with a strict baby blue color palette and baby elephant decor thrown in wherever possible. Each table setting had several goodies laid out including baby-themed measuring spoons, fans for the ladies, bubble gum cigars for the men, glasses personalized with our baby’s name (it’s still a secret, but don’t worry, I’ll share soon enough) and – to top it all off – bottles of personalized hand sanitizer (because, ya know, COVID).

Staying on theme, my mom – who is a wonderful baker – also made red velvet cupcakes and topped them with blue sprinkles that were perfectly on theme. The cupcakes were displayed at each table setting on a mini stand and were, as a result, absolutely darling.

Again, I can’t thank these two women enough for planning this event and making it come to life with the help of my dad and good friend, Molly who helped set up and take down.

A Special Location

In planning the baby shower, my family knew they wanted to plan something for summer time when we could all be outside and comfortable without having to worry about possible germ risks indoors. We had the event at the Bullthistle Brewery, one of mine and Andy’s favorite restaurants, under a tent outside. Andy and I love supporting local business and it was really special (and a total coincidence) that I had my bridal shower at the Bullthistle Brewery almost exactly two years ago!

Being onsite at the Bullthistle, the restaurant also catered the event with a spread of chips and dip, all different sliders, Cesar salad and assorted flat breads. All of the menu items were perfectly suited for an outdoor party and – most importantly – delicious.

Co-ed Because We’re in This Together

I know that traditionally baby showers have been held just for the mom but it was really important to Andy and I both that our baby shower be a co-ed event. We’re big believers in that even though women are the only ones capable of carrying and bearing children, a baby or child itself is the responsibility of both/all parents. Andy has wanted to be super involved with everything since day one and we thought that having a co-ed baby shower would be a great way to enforce the mindset that a child isn’t just a woman’s responsibility. I’m excited for the day when our son can look through the photos from his baby shower and see that daddy was there too. Not to mention his uncles and grandpas!

We also thought that holding the event co-ed would allow us to have a fun gathering for more of our family members and friends. After all, we could all use more positive, happy events to look forward to!

So Many Diapers!

I loved that my family decided to do a diaper raffle (bring a pack of diapers for the chance to win a prize!) – Andy and I feel so much more prepared now for the impending storm that is constant diaper changes when you have a newborn and are even happier that guests gifted us diapers in different sizes so that we have a few options on hand when we come home from the hospital. I just feel like this baby is going to be a big one so it feels great to have different size and brand options on hand!

It’s also nice knowing that we are prepared for the next few size changes – now we won’t wake up in the morning and be without a diaper when he seems to have miraculously grown overnight! For anyone currently planning a baby shower, I would highly recommend holding a diaper raffle and encouraging guests to participate.

Overwhelmed with Generosity

Aside from the blessing of everyone’s presence, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our guests and the gifts we received. We feel so much better prepared now for our son’s arrival and feel so lucky knowing he will have an entire network of love and support waiting for him when he gets here.

I’m so excited for our families and the families of our friends to continue to grow and blossom so that we can return the favor in the future. This was actually the first outside-of-work baby shower that I have ever attended and can only imagine how fun it would be to plan one for a family member or friend that I’m close with.

To see the items we received and the items we registered for, click on the button below.

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