Third Trimester Recap: Baby Shower, Maternity Photos & Nursery Reveal

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Sitting at the keyboard, getting ready to press “publish,” it feels surreal looking back on the last nine months and realizing that I’ve made it this far. It’s undeniable that pregnancy has been a transformative experience for me and while that experience was often challenging, it’s exciting to think that in a matter of days we will get to meet our son.

So – here we go – a final recap for the final trimester:

Floral Deep-V Minidress & Letterboard

Week 28: I had my glucose test and was cleared from having diabetes during pregnancy. My blood work showed that I was iron deficient though, so my midwife put me on an iron supplement. I’m told this is very common during pregnancy!

During this week Andy and I also attended a breastfeeding workshop at our hospital. We’ve spent a lot of time discussing and debating how we will ultimately feed our baby so this workshop was helpful in providing us with more information on what nursing and breastfeeding really means. Our current hope is to provide our baby with breast milk as much as possible at least for the first month of his life but as we’re both formula babies ourselves, we have no qualms using formula as needed. Our current plan is to also have Andy be as involved as possible and – because I’m all about convenience and saving time – I decided to purchase the Elvie Pump which is wearable and noiseless.

Week 29: We had the best time celebrating Baby Janitz at our co-ed baby shower! Staying true to COVID-19 precautions, our shower was held outside at our favorite local restaurant and I couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful event to celebrate the new life that is our child. My mom and step-mom really outdid themselves! To read a recap of the event, click here.

This week I also had another doctor’s appointment – all is good! No news is good news. It was at this point that these appointments started to feel really close together.

Week 30: Three quarters of the way there! I spent time this week ordering essentials we still needed post-shower including a stroller and car seat, a sheet for our Baby Bjorn bassinet and the Lovevery playkit I’ve had my eye on since day one of registry-building. We also picked up odds and ends including pants, hats and burp cloths.

At this point I was starting to feel very much pregnant.

Week 31: My heartburn seemed to be easing quite a bit this week and honestly, I found myself feeling better than I had during the rest of my pregnancy. Everyone always says the second trimester is the “honeymoon” phase of pregnancy so this was another great reminder that every woman, every body and every pregnancy is different. That being said, I did start wearing a pregnancy belt around this time to help mitigate any potential back aches and started sleeping with a pregnancy pillow.

I also kept myself busy this week by washing all of Baby Janitz’s adorable little clothes and putting them away in his nursery.

Orange Jacquard Cardigan & Fox Hat Set

Week 32: Another appointment – nothing to report! I really started embracing maternity wear at this point and sizing up 2-3 sizes in regular clothing. Some of my favorite maternity clothes include these Ponte pant leggings from Target and these basic maternity tees (also from Target!).

Maternity Shorts & Non-Maternity Waffle Thermal

Week 33: At this point I had no choice but to fully embrace the pregnancy pillow for sleeping. Who knew turning over onto your side could be so difficult? I also ordered some final essentials for Baby Janitz including a crib mattress, a walker and a baby wrap.

Week 34: Weekend adventure to Critz Farms! I’ve been making a point to set some time aside during this pregnancy for myself and enjoy these last few months of not having the responsibility of having a baby. Sometimes this means spending time with my wonderful husband and sometimes this means venturing through corn mazes and pumpkin patches with my BFF.

Pumpkin Tee & Maternity Jeans

This week was busy and also included a maternity/paternity photoshoot with Blushwood Studios. This lovely couple did our wedding photos a little over two years ago and we couldn’t wait to do another shoot with them to capture this special moment in time. I can’t emphasize enough how professional and kind Courtney and Michael are and would recommend them to anyone seeking professional photography needs in a heart beat. Visit their website here!

Week 35: Andy and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary! It’s hard to believe we’ve been married for two years already but at the same time – it feels like it should be longer! No wine on the table this year but we did cook ourselves filet mignon, crab legs, mashed potatoes and butternut squash, followed by a chocolate cheesecake for dessert. Maybe next year COVID will be a distant memory and we’ll be able to go out for a date night – something tells me any of Baby J’s grandparents would be happy to babysit!

Week 36: Childbirth class! This all-day session at our hospital was really helpful. It was informative when it came to understanding more about how things would go on the big day as well as pain management options. It was also insightful for hospital bag packing prep – we learned what to bring to the hospital and what to leave at home. Thankfully, our hospital supplies most everything we’ll need for the baby while we’re there but it was good to learn that they don’t actually have enough birthing balls available in their maternity wing and that due to COVID, they won’t be able to provide Andy with any food. I promptly went home and ordered a birthing ball on Amazon and we cooked up some healthy meals to throw in the bag for Andy when it’s go-time.

Week 37: It was at this point that I started to finally notice some of that last-trimester fatigue. The alarm clock started to become my least favorite part of the day. I had another appointment this week and we got to see Baby J for the first time in months. We were treated to a front-facing view of his face and learned that he has chubby little cheeks! Based on this ultrasound, the midwife predicted he would be born around 8 to 8.5 lbs (I guess we’ll see!)

Week 38: I took some time this week to work on filling out more of the pregnancy journal I’ve been using to document this experience on a more personal level for myself and – one day – my son. It was during this week that sleep started to become much more uncomfortable. I’m a back-sleeper so I’m reeeeeally looking forward to being able to resume my usual sleeping position soon!

Week 39: This was a big week! The first day of this week marked the first official day of my maternity leave as well as Halloween! I’ve been working full time in a brand management position in addition to carrying on several side hustles so it was nice to take a step back and start slowing down. (And by “slowing down” I actually mean doing things like last-minute organizing and cleaning — I really can’t help myself.)

The day after Halloween I turned 27. Due to COVID, it was a pretty quiet birthday but it was nice to get some projects done around the house and my wonderful husband cooked me dinner and bought me my favorite birthday treat – ice cream cake from our local ice cream shop, Gilligan’s.

This week I also published a blog post sharing our finished nursery. This project was a labor of love and something Andy and I got to enjoy working on together over the last six months as we started to transition to the “parent” mindset. Read the article here.

Week 40: The last official week of pregnancy! (In theory of course). I’m publishing this post early on Saturday, November 7 at the beginning of week 40 (39 weeks & 1 day). I’m planning to update this post in the future after Baby J has been born with more details, but for now it’s fun getting this recap out before his birth and celebrating this 40-week (possibly longer) journey. Plans for the week include cooking and freezing as many meals as possible, keeping up on household chores, taking some time to chill and staying as distracted as humanly possible.

Whatever happens from here on out, we’re ready and beyond excited!

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