Easy Halloween DIY Decor Idea: Coffee Filter Ghosts

It’s Getting Spooky Over Here…

I’ve always loved Halloween! With my birthday following the day after on All Saint’s Day, you can understand why it was one of my favorite holidays growing up. An evening of trick-or-treating and dressing up followed by a day of birthday cake and gifts. It also helps that fall is my favorite season!

As a kid, I always looked forward to the different activities my school put on. I have many fond memories of marching in the annual Halloween parade and enjoying classroom parties after the fact. The fun would continue at home, of course, after dinner when we got to dress up in our costumes again and go out trick-or-treating. Aside from day-of festivities, we also had traditions leading up to the big day as well – picking out pumpkins, carving them into jack-o-lanterns and – for me – finding different Halloween-themed crafts to make. I can still remember sitting at my grandmother’s dining room table and making a ghost/bat mobile out of cotton balls, tissues and black construction paper (oh, and gel pens – for the eyes of course).

As an adult, I still love using Halloween as a creative outlet. If you’re a creative person I feel like it’s almost hard not to! The chance to dress yourself, your children and your pets up in fun costumes, bake seasonal treats and adorn your home in whacky decor is the perfect storm for creative inspiration. And – just like 10-year-old-mobile-making-me – I still enjoy making every holiday extra hygge by creating homemade decorations and crafts. It’s so much more fun making your own decorations than it is stocking up on decor at the dollar store!

If you’re short on time, these coffee filter ghosts are super easy to make (perfect for all crafting levels) and wicked cheap! I love that you only need five supplies to make them. They’re especially great if you’re like me and prefer cute and whimsical Halloween vibes over the horror aesthetic.

Because they’re great for mass production you can easily string them into a garland, hang them from doorways throughout your home or attach them to trick-or-treat bags. You can also attach them to a dried tree branch for a spooky, rustic decoration. Read on for my full tutorial!

Ghost-Making Supplies

  • Large basket coffee filters
  • Black marker
  • Orange thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • If you want to make this craft kid-friendly, substitute the sewing needle and thread with a hole punch and a thicker string such as yarn or jute.

How to Make Coffee Filter Ghosts

  1. Take a coffee filter and fold it in half

2. Fold it in half again

3. Using the black marker, draw a cut little face onto your ghost. Flip it over and repeat this step!

4. Thread your needle with the orange thread and use it thread the top of the ghost. As mentioned above, if you want to make this project more kid-friendly you can also use a hole punch and string in place of a needle and thread.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 and make a whole army of ghosts!

If you’d like an added visual, be sure to check out this Instagram Reels video I created of myself making one of the coffee filter ghosts:

Did you make this craft? Share a photo with me in the comments below!

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