Thoughts As We Enter the 2020 Holiday Season

A Holiday Season Unlike Any Other

Oh by gosh by golly, 2020 has NOT been the year we anticipated, has it? As eager as most of us are to put this year behind us and get on to 2021, we can at least take pleasure in knowing that – as we always do – we’re ending the year on a high note with the holiday season. For me, the time between Halloween and New Year’s Day is incredibly special. It also comes with a torrent of emotions ranging from nostalgia to excitement to glee to – yes – even a twinge of sadness.

Having spent the last 8 months riding out the unexpected catastrophe that has been COVID-19 and life during a global pandemic (while pregnant), this year I’m finding myself faced with a whole new range of thoughts and emotions as we gear up for Thanksgiving, Christmas and beyond. As we get ready to close the books on the fall season (who am I kidding, the retail industry did that over a month ago), I want to take time to reflect on this strange moment of history we’re living in and set forward my hopes and intentions for the 2020 holiday season.

I Hope We Embrace Simple Joys

That’s what this blog is all about, right? Embracing hygge. Embracing life’s simple moments. Embracing that we don’t always have control but we can (and should) appreciate the calm and quiet when it’s available. We can’t control this virus but we can control our response to it. We can control our ability to take heart in small victories and enjoy peaceful nights spent at home. Will we miss holiday parties and large family gatherings? Of course we will (at least I know I will) but that doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy the peace that comes with having nowhere to go except to the couch to enjoy our favorite holiday movie over a steaming mug of hot chocolate.

I Hope We Find the Silver Linings

COVID-19 has made things difficult. And at times, it has straight up made things suck. We’ve lost family members and precious time together with ones we love. We’ve celebrated holidays apart and missed out on cherished traditions. This holiday season is bound to challenge many of us – perhaps even in ways we don’t realize yet. But through the difficult times I hope we’re able to also find the silver linings. More time at home may mean the chance to try all the Christmas cookie recipes and holiday craft tutorials you’ve pinned to your Pinterest board but never had the time to get around to. It may mean less dinners spent at the office and more enjoyed around the dining room table. Let’s slow down and make new traditions this year.

I Hope We Remember What The Holidays Are All About

Is it tacky and overplayed to write this? Yes. Is it still relevant? One hundred percent yes. Every year I know I personally feel the commercialism of the holidays crushing in like a peppermint-spritzed vice. The pressure to start shopping earlier. To spend more. To DO more. (Seriously though – did we ever STOP shopping and planning?). This year, more than ever, I hope we keep the true spirit of the holidays alive and count our blessings over the number of presents under the tree.

As a soon-to-be-new mom, I know this holiday season will be more precious than any other. I also know that because of the pandemic, it’s going to be nothing like how I pictured it. We all have challenges ahead of us. But I sincerely hope that despite it all, we’re able to find light and peace and cherish this time of year for the gift that it is.

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