One Month Until My Due Date and These are the 77 Thoughts Running Through My Head

T-31 Days Until Due Date!

It’s true that life is full of unknowns – and I don’t think I’ve ever faced a greater unknown than my quickly impending transition to motherhood. Today, one month out from my due date, I thought it would be fun to share the thoughts and questions that are currently racing through my mind. Is this incredibly personal? Sure. But I don’t mind sharing my stream of consciousness as – I’m willing to bet – all of these thoughts and questions have been thought before me by expectant parents and will continue to be thought by expectant parents until the end of time.

Here they are – 77 unfiltered thoughts from a soon-to-be new mom:

  1. Due date is only one month away, hooray!
  2. Due date is only one month away – help!
  3. OK, but – when will you actually be born?
  4. Don’t make us wait too long!
  5. Will the dogs let me know when labor is coming?
  6. I bet Auggie will – he’s weird and amazing like that.
  7. Auggie is going to LOVE you.
  8. You are going to LOVE Auggie.
  9. How many false alarms are we in for?
  10. Poor Andy – “It’s TIME!” lol JK, it’s not.
  11. I can’t wait to see you with your dad.
  12. You’re going to have the best dad ever.
  13. What will you look like?
  14. Who will you grow up to be?
  15. I want to teach you independence.
  16. I want to teach you kindness.
  17. I want you to be whoever you want to be.
  18. How long is labor going to last?
  19. Not long I hope.
  20. That’s probably a naive thought.
  21. At least I realize I know nothing?
  22. Is the epidural going to hurt like hell?
  23. Who cares – I’m still getting one.
  24. Is there going to be a snowstorm that day? Dear God I hope not.
  25. How will I keep you warm during a CNY winter?
  26. I better order more sweaters…
  27. I better pack my hospital bag.
  28. I better figure out what to put in the hospital bag.
  29. Is my house going to smell like a diaper or will this Diaper Genie prove to be as magical as it’s advertised to be?
  30. Am I ever going to fit into my old jeans again?
  31. I miss my old jeans. And shirts. And… well, everything in my closet.
  32. Although I suppose if I never fit into my clothes again I can buy new clothes…. hmm…
  33. Weight gain be damned! I’m eating that ice cream.
  34. Why did I eat that ice cream?
  36. You kick whenever I play piano – do you like music?
  37. Will you grow up to play the piano, like me?
  38. What will your favorite hobby be?
  39. Will you play hockey like your dad?
  40. I bet you’re going to look just like your dad.
  41. Like it or not, you’re learning how to swim and how to skate.
  42. Hopefully you like it!
  43. Was all this heartburn caused by a full head of hair?
  44. God I freaking HATE heartburn.
  45. Only one more month of heartburn! *happy dance*
  46. First meal I’m eating when I get home? Spaghetti, meatballs and a BIG glass of red wine.
  47. Make that two glasses of red wine.
  48. Oh wine rack, have you missed me? You’re looking rather well stocked.
  49. OK, step away from the wine rack.
  50. How much are you going to weigh?
  51. I feel like you’re going to be big.
  52. How bad are my stretch marks going to be?
  53. Oh well – we wear sweaters 80 percent of the year here anyways.
  54. I’m so ready!
  55. I’m not ready.
  56. How much hair am I going to lose postpartum?
  57. I should probably start embracing dry shampoo again…
  58. But what is this about never showering again? Dad is more than capable of watching you .
  59. Am I going to have postpartum depression?
  60. I feel like Anne from “Parks and Rec” – I now have PPD anxiety.
  61. I’m afraid to let people see you because of COVID.
  62. I hope family members stay careful so they can see you.
  63. One day, being pregnant during a global pandemic will make for an interesting story.
  64. I should probably learn how to change a diaper.
  65. I should probably learn how to bathe a baby.
  66. I should probably learn how to feed a baby.
  67. Then again – that’s what instincts are for, right?
  68. Will you be a good sleeper?
  69. Will you be a happy baby?
  70. What does that even mean – “happy baby?”
  71. I wish people would stop telling me how awful childbirth is.
  72. I wish people would stop telling me how awful having children is.
  73. I wish this last month would go faster.
  74. I wish this last month would go slower.
  75. I can’t wait to meet you!
  76. I’m tired.
  77. I love you.

Feature photo by Blush Wood Studios

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