Alden’s 3-Month Update

Alden Turns 3 Months Old!

Well, it’s official – we made it through the fourth trimester! Looking back on the last three months (and this month in particular), I feel an enormous sense of pride. I’m so proud of how far our little guy has come, proud of Andy and I for the vigilant care and love we have provided, and proud of myself for continuously prioritizing my health as a new mom; healing through exercise, nutritious foods and time spent on the things that I love. It’s so surreal to think that one year ago I was just recently pregnant and – though I suspected it – didn’t have official confirmation that it was true.

While I love each and every month with Alden, this one has probably been the most fun so far. The last several weeks have really been transformative as we’ve watched him take huge leaps and bounds both physically and mentally. He’s no longer a sleepy newborn. Instead, he’s a chatty, spritely thing that honestly just loves life and taking in the world around him (most of the time from his perch on the floor, LOL). Here’s what month three brought us:

Cognitive Development

He’s been making increasingly more sounds and noises. While he’s always been pretty vocal, he spends a solid hour each night trying out different noises with his mouth. In fact, he’s actually quite loud! It’s more than a little entertaining.

Aside from trying to talk, sing and scream (oh wait, no, he definitely knows how to scream), he loves his independent play time and will actually cry if he doesn’t get it on his terms. He loves nothing more than being set on his play mat with a variety of toys, books and flashcards surrounding him so that he can stare, hit and grab whatever he pleases. We love how independent he is and definitely hope that this continues.

Physical Development

Alden went through another leap this month (they really are like living nightmares), but thankfully it only lasted a few days. Once that was over, we noticed that his movements became much smoother and less “puppet-like.” He continues to be very strong and is now constantly rolling over from his stomach to his back. He’s also SO close to being able to roll over from back to front. Usually this results in him laying kind of cockeyed on his side and staring into the distance. Whatever makes you happy, kid.

His ability to use his hands is quite impressive (or, at least it is to Andy and I) and I love watching him reach for toys while he’s on his stomach or grab for them when he’s on his back. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of his photos and videos feature a small fox stuffed animal that has definitely been the toy of the month. It’s funny how when you’re shopping for them you just never know what’s going to grab their attention! I’m pretty sure this fox was a random throw-in-cart-to-get-free-shipping purchase. So that worked out. (Insert shrugging emoji here).

This kid is also extremely eager to walk and loves standing up with our assistance. We’re impressed how little we have to support him while he’s “standing” and “walking.” Let’s just say we’re already starting to shop for baby-proofing supplies.

Unisex Fox Bathrobe

Life Updates

This month kicked off with his first round of vaccinations. In truth, he probably handled it better than I did (Watching your infant getting stabbed with a needle isn’t exactly the most enjoyable experience). Thankfully, his pediatrician’s office made an exception to the “one parent due to COVID” rule and allowed Andy to be in the room for the shots as well.

During this month he celebrated his first Valentine’s Day and had the opportunity to finally be held by some of his grandparents! We’ve been very cautious due to COVID and his fragile newborn state. Now that he’s had his first round of vaccinations, we’ve been feeling more comfortable taking him places and allowing others to hold him while wearing a mask.

Postpartum Recovery

I’m continuing to plug away at eating healthy and working out daily, and – as a result – my weight loss has continued at a healthy rate of approximately 1 lb per week. Sometimes this rate feels slow and frustrating, but I’ve gone through enough health journeys to know that this is the best way to get rid of body fat in a sustainable manner. I’m also more than happy to say I’ve lost 44 lbs in three months. Almost half of that was water, but wow do I feel SO much better.

My body definitely still feels strange at times but it does get noticeably better each month. I also bought a small treadmill for our home this month and have been enjoying walking every day in addition to my daily workout.

In terms of my mental health, I’ve been making the most of my last few weeks home with Alden before returning to work full time. I’m doing a lot of writing, playing piano and have been having fun transforming a small nook in our home into a home office space. I’m also making a point to soak in every moment I have with our little guy when he’s awake. I hope to remember this time well for the rest of my life.

Lessons I Learned During My 3rd Month of Motherhood:

  • Leaps are the absolute worst.
  • Leaps do end.
  • Watching your child develop never gets old.
  • Bath time is somehow the cutest thing ever.
  • It doesn’t matter how tired you are – as soon as your baby smiles, all is well in the world.

Favorite Products for Month 3

Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker Seat, Hello Bello Body Lotion, Skip Hop Bandana Buddy Fox, HALO Cotton Sleep Sack,
Graco Swing and Bouncer

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