Fall 2021 Published Pieces

This fall I had the honor of writing a number of pieces for both POPSUGAR and The Everygirl. From give-back reporting pieces, to style tips, to covering one particularly zany Halloween costume, I really enjoyed getting creative with my writing during my favorite season. Keep reading for a recap of my Fall 2021 freelance articles!


Make a Positive Impact This Halloween by Donating Candy to These Organizations

I love writing pieces that have the potential to inspire positive action. I happily grabbed this prompt from the POPSUGAR Voices contributor portal and learned a thing or two about giving back during the spooky season in the process. Read the article!

Feeling Saucy This Halloween? Consider Dressing up as a Hidden Valley Ranch Bottle

Add this one to the list of things I never thought I’d write about. But to be honest, it was a fun, lighthearted piece to work on. Learn more about the costume.

This TikTok Hack For Making Beautiful, Artsy Halloween Lattes Is So Simple It’s Genius

I had the pleasure of meeting Leslie (the mastermind behind ChasingCozy) in grad school at Syracuse University and was excited to write this piece reporting on her genius TikTok that made latte art look genuinely approachable. And — as it turns out — it is! Read about my experience trying Leslie’s hack and watch her how-to video for yourself.

The Everygirl

The 7 Colors You’ll See Everywhere This Fall

I love reporting on trends! As someone who has a B.A. in studio art, this was definitely a fun piece to write. Learn more about which colors are on-trend for Fall 2021.

The Cozy Fall 2021 Trend We Didn’t See Coming

I’ve always been a fan of flannel, cozy boots and beanies — but it wasn’t until recently that I learned there was a style that encapsulated my favorite fall and winter pieces. Learn more about the Cabincore trend.

11 Halloween Costumes You Can Pull Straight From Your Closet

Have you ever found shopping for a Halloween costume to be surprisingly expensive and — day I say — stressful? I’ve personally become a fan of pulling costumes together from the things I already own. Next time you’re searching for a costume the night before Halloween, be sure to check out these 11 Halloween costumes you can pull from your closet.

7 Easy Ways to Feel Put-Together When You Work From Home

Speaking from experience, I know that working from home can put a serious damper on fashion and style. But — from said experience — I’ve picked up a few tips for getting out of the style rut. Check out these seven work-from-home style tips.

I’ve Made Thousands Selling Clothes Online—Here Are My Best Tips

I’ll be honest with you — I’m a bit of a hoarder by nature. And up until recently I was hanging on to clothes that I’ve had since high school. Not to mention a pretty hefty collection from my college days. This year I made a point to clear out the things that no longer fit, that no longer represented my current style and that no longer brought me joy — and ended up making a surprisingly hefty profit. Intrigued? Read my top tips for reselling your clothes online.

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