Emilee Janitz summer 2021 writing

Published Pieces: Summer 2021

As I enter my second year as a freelance lifestyle journalist, I find myself feeling overwhelmingly grateful that I stumbled on this side hustle as means to output creative energy and grow as a professional. I continue to learn so much by writing for different sites and am continually intoxicated by the challenge and the energy of the industry.

While things have been notably slow over at POPSUGAR since the end of Spring, I’m excited that this summer marked my first season as a Fashion Writer for The Everygirl. Read on to check out my round-up of pieces from summer 2021.


I Used to Rename Files One by One, but This Mac Hack Lets You Do It All at Once

This article was actually an assignment I picked up from the Voices portal! Considering I work at a tech company full time, it was a pretty natural topic for me to write about. Learn how to easily rename multiple files at once.

It’s Scary How Good These TikTok-Inspired Halloween Party Ideas Are

Similar to the piece above, this article was a prompt I picked up in the portal. This was a fun one to write and certainly got my creative gears turning for Halloween. Get your Halloween party theme inspiration here.

As mentioned above, things have been much, much slower over at POPSUGAR for the last few months (at least they have been for me! I definitely can’t speak on behalf of other contributors.) And while I’m hopeful they will pick back up again, it was admittedly nice to have a slower season and enjoy time pursuing other ventures. Like – as also mentioned above – becoming a fashion contributor for The Everygirl.

The Everygirl

The Fall 2021 Trend You Didn’t Know You Needed

My first published piece on The Everygirl! I love fall fashion — LOVE it. And if you know me, you also know that I have a proclivity for the fantastical, magical and wonderful. It feels so fitting to my personal brand and story that my first piece for this site would be about one of my favorite trends: Cottagecore. Learn more about the cottagcore fashion aesthetic here and read my inspiration behind the piece here.

Stories you’d like to see or pieces you would like to collaborate on? Send me a message using the form below!

Feature Image credit: Yusuf Evli

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