POPSUGAR Spring Features

Spring 2021 was a really busy month for me as a POPSUGAR contributor. In fact, it was my busiest to date, tallying up to a total of 19 published articles! I’m really proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and trying new things. I had the opportunity to write a variety of stories across several different verticals and even dabbled in some new post formats (The Y2K story that blended reporting and shopping was a lot of fun!). Heck, I even learned how to use TikTok (a very big step for old-school, Millennial me). Keep reading to check out my written pieces from the season and thank you as always for the support!


A Year Spent Social Distancing Has Made Me a More Empathetic Pet Owner

We all know the story — last spring our lives changed in a way we could have never expected. The upstart of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced many changes. It changed how we livework, and interact with one another. For some of us, it challenged our sense of safety and financial security, and made us wistful for days when we could hug our family members again or enter a grocery store without fear. But not all of the virus’s impacts have been negative. The pandemic taught us to be grateful for our health (when we’re fortunate to be in good health) and to value precious moments spent with family members and friends. It’s forced us to slow down and appreciate the little things. And for me, it’s helped me to become a more empathetic pet owner. Read my story here.

I Cut Out Dairy and Refined Carbs For 5 Days, and Wow, It Felt Good

I love doing personal experiments! Especially those that involve fitness and nutrition. I decided to give this detox a try and will definitely be doing it again in the future. Here’s why.

I’ve Been Offered Braces All My Life, But I Choose to Love My Imperfect Smile Instead

When you first look at me, you might think my teeth are straight. Upon further inspection though, and you’ll realize that my top two lateral incisors are actually crooked. In the past I’ve been picked on for my teeth and offered braces more than once. Here’s why I’ve chosen my imperfect smile over braces time after time.


I Actually Find Counting Calories Empowering — and It Has Helped Me Lose Weight Every Time

The act of counting calories tends to get a bad rap. Some may say it’s too rigid, too time consuming, inaccurate, and in some cases, even unhealthy. To each their own, truly. Especially when it comes to weight loss. But counting calories has helped me lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way time and time again throughout my life. Keep reading about how I successfully employ this old-school tactic here.

Thinking About Getting a Pet Hedgehog? Here’s What You Need to Know

My family actually had a pet hedgehog back in the day — and the experience wasn’t necessarily what you would think. I had the opportunity to interview Laurie Hess, DVM, owner and director of Veterinary Center for Birds and Exotics  and Katy Nelson, DVM, senior veterinarian at Chewy, to help better prepare prospective hedgehog owners on what it’s really like to bring home a cute but prickly bundle of quills — I mean, joy. Read their advice here.

Docking Stations Saved My Sanity (and My Shoulders) When I Became a Mom

We’ve all heard that being a mom is hard work. What I didn’t realize until after Alden was born was that this includes physical work! Several weeks into motherhood and I discovered the magical necessity that is the docking station. Read more about this discovery and shoulder-saving solution here.

I’ve Lost 50 Pounds After Having a Baby — Here’s How I Did It

It is possible to lose weight after having a baby. But somewhere along the line, it became taboo to say so. In my opinion, it’s OK if you want to get in shape after having a baby! Taking care of your physical wellness is one of the best things you can do for yourself. For me personally, focusing on health and fitness helps me feel strong, empowered and mentally at ease. And truthfully? I was really proud of myself for losing 50 pounds in five months! Here’s how I did it.

Product Reviews

On top of writing different stories and lifestyle tips I also wrote a whole handful of product reviews! Check them out below, sorted by category.

Family Products



Fashion Coverage

This season I made it one of my goals to write more fashion content. I grew up reading all about fashion in different magazines and books, and have always been drawn to the storytelling ability of textiles. I’m proud of myself for writing six different fashion pieces this season — some of which were my own ideas and others assigned. Many of these pushed me to step outside my comfort zone; learning new things, leaning into a different tone of voice and pursuing sources I would have once been intimidated to approach. Check out the six different pieces linked below.

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