Joining The Everygirl As a Fashion Writer

Meet One of The Everygirl’s Newest Fashion Writers!

This winter when I was taking care of newborn baby Alden, I found myself scanning the internet in search of some fun new content to read. I was too tired to do anything that involved getting up off the couch and I was in desperate need of some lifestyle inspiration. It was at that time that I came across The Everygirl. Women’s lifestyle content that was fabulous, inspiring and timeless — I was hooked. And I knew I wanted in.

Since first stumbling across TEG’s Instagram page (followed by a deep dive into the site itself), I’ve been keeping a close eye on the publication (along with their sister publication, The Everymom). I wanted to be a part of this community of women and was especially watchful of the careers page — you know, just in case.

And then, one day, I saw my hopes materialize before my eyes. Back in May, The Everygirl posted that they were looking for Freelance Fashion Writers. I dutifully filled out my application and submitted it that very same day. I’d been writing some fashion content for POPSUGAR and was loving everything about it. I wanted to continue down this newfound path and see where it would lead me.

Much to my surprise (and delight!) the editors were interested in my application. After a second application phase that involved writing a sample article and fashion curation exercise, I received the most exciting news: I was in.

A few completed legal forms later and I’m excited to say I’m officially on the freelance team. I’m still waiting for more detail viz a viz pitching protocol but I’m more than eager to get writing once that information is in hand. Some of the topics I’ll be writing about include:

  • Current and upcoming women’s fashion trends
  • Product reviews
  • Styling tips
  • And more!

As someone who grew up reading fashion content (I had Glamour delivered to my dorm room in college), this feels like a dream come true. I’ve always loved clothing and fashion’s ability to help people find and express their true selves. My love of textiles began with my grandmother teaching me how to cross stitch at a young age and has manifested itself in many different forms throughout my entire life. I’m so excited to immerse myself in this latest iteration.

As always, thank you for being a community of kindness and support! I’m thankful to have you here on my blogging journey as my future as a writer continues to unfold.

Are you a press representative for a clothing brand or designer? I’d love to hear more about the work you and your clients are doing! Send me an email using the form below. I look forward to working together!

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