Alden’s 9 & 10 Month Update

Recapping Alden’s Nineth and Tenth Month!

We’re closing in on the one year mark! It always takes me by surprise when I see photos of Alden now and notice how big he is. As his looks and size continually change, his personality become clearer and the love only grows.

We had an amazing couple of months filled with outings, Alden’s first vacation, and some beautiful end-of-summer and early fall memories. I’m so excited to spend the upcoming autumn season with this little guy and begin sharing some of my favorite traditions. Fall and winter are very special to me and I’m hoping to pass that love on!

Keep reading for a quick recap on the last couple of months.

Month 9

He started eating more advanced textures and absolutely LOVES puffs. He gets so excited when he sees the container or hears the puffs rattling. He is getting increasingly comfortable standing on his own two feet and thinking about letting go of his hold on different objects. It was during this month that he started using the words “mama” and “dada” intentionally. “Dada” is often whispered quietly and reverently whereas “mama” is often screamed. It makes Andy and I laugh.

One of his favorite things to do is look at photos. We can’t walk by framed images (or even the dog’s painted pet portraits!) without him needing to stop and say hello. It’s so sweet.

Month 10

Alden took his first steps! He learned to stand confidently and during the last week of the month, was adventurous enough to let go of objects and take a few short steps before steadily plopping to the ground. We were/are so proud of him for taking his first steps so young — we’re grateful for his health and strength every day!

He definitely has his own language and has specific words for “Auggie” and “Albie” (our dogs) as well as “yes” and “no.” We can understand him (of course) but we don’t think he’s too far off from having others understand him as well. The wheels are definitely always turning.

Life Updates

Alden went on his first vacation! He loved our family trip to Maine and couldn’t get enough of the ocean. It was on this trip that he also dined in his first restaurant and went to his first store EVER. I kind of love that his first store experience was a Tommy Hilfiger outlet.

He then went on his second vacation! We visited his aunt in Massachusetts and used the trip as an opportunity to spend some time exploring Salem which was so fun coming up on the spooky season. He traveled like a pro and enjoyed being wheeled around historic New England in his stroller.

Lessons Learned:

  • There will still be days when you miss being able to sleep in or spend your time however you please and that’s OK.
  • The nine month appointment (which is shot-free) is the best appointment.
  • You may have to teach your baby not to bite.
  • I’ve officially decided what I’ll do differently the second time around.

Favorite Products for Months 9 and 10:

Hide & Peek Toy, Little People Tractor, Tiny Boo Onesie, Wooden Play Pen, Play Tunnels, Night Night Farm, Car Seat

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