38 Small Things I’m Looking Forward To Post Baby

It’s the Little Things…

When you’re pregnant, there are so many things to be excited about. You’re creating new life. You’re growing your family. You’re entering a new phase of life. You’re about to meet someone who you will love with your whole heart. Your life is about to change forever in the best possible way!

You think about seeing their face for the first time, speaking their name to them for the first time, holding them in your arms for the first time. The list goes on and on and on.

But the reality is, the special, sentimental moments might not be the only thing you’re excited about. At least, they’re not for me.

Currently clocking in at 32 weeks and two days with my second pregnancy, I’m starting to feel that third trimester struggle. Everything hurts, I’m exhausted and my brain is currently playing host to two prominent, anxiety-driven thoughts: “There’s so much to do!” versus “Stop worrying, there isn’t that much to do — sleep while you still can, woman!”

As I’ve learned from my own personal experiences, the third trimester can be a bit trying. Pregnancy is undoubtedly a marathon, and, by the end? Well, let’s just say you’re done. And that’s how I’m feeling — done. But knowing that I am, in fact, not done and still have at least six more weeks ahead of me, I’ve taken to giving myself a daily pep talk. What does this pep talk consist of, exactly? Typically, I run through a list of all the things I’m looking forward to enjoying once the baby arrives.

While I know I still have many weeks ahead of me, reminding myself that pregnancy is a temporary state has helped my mood and general mindset immensely. Realizing that I’m probably not alone in dreaming of these trivial perks of non-pregnancy, I thought I’d share my list for my fellow third-trimester warriors (and for those just seeking a laugh).

I’m currently dreaming about…

  1. Drinking red wine.
  2. Drinking white wine.
  3. Let’s face it — drinking all wine. All the time. OK, not all the time. But one glass per day, minimum.
  4. Drinking beer. (Are you sensing a theme?)
  5. Drinking an afternoon coffee that’s caffeinated.
  6. Drinking a second afternoon coffee that’s caffeinated.
  7. Being able to tie my shoes.
  8. Being able to shave my legs.
  9. Being able to look down and see my feet.
  10. Being able to sit down without grunting or groaning.
  11. Being able to stand up without grunting or groaning.
  12. Wearing shirts that don’t have shirring in them.
  13. Wearing jeans that don’t have a a giant elastic panel attached.
  14. Wearing my shoes again. (All my shoes — not just my slide sandals).
  15. Shopping for new clothes! (Because hey — I deserve it).
  16. Doing crunches.
  17. Doing burpees (Did I really just write that? This is getting dire.)
  18. Eating as many tuna fish sandwiches as I want.
  19. Let’s be clear — we’re talking about the good tuna, not the chunk light you have to eat in pregnancy.
  20. Eating sushi.
  21. Eating sandwich meat guilt-free.
  22. Eating pre-made salads fear-free.
  23. Eating burgers cooked “medium.”
  24. Eating steaks cooked “medium.”
  25. Just kidding, serve it up as rare as it comes.
  27. No more popping famotidine twice a day.
  28. No more prenatal vitamins.
  29. Using face creams with retinol in them.
  30. No more Googling, “Is xxxxx safe during pregnancy?”
  31. Taking all of the nutrition supplements that I want (Dear collagen: I never knew if you were safe, so I skipped you altogether).
  32. Taking all of the beauty supplements that I want (Have you missed me, hair growth vitamins?).
  33. Going up the stairs without being winded.
  34. Walking down the street without being winded.
  35. No more swelling.
  36. Sleeping on my back.
  37. Not being so-so-so hungry ALL OF THE TIME.
  38. Not having to run through this list every day.

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