Alden’s Five-Month Update

We’re coming up on our half-year milestone and our baby is more playful and inquisitive than ever. Andy and I feel so truly blessed each and every day for the wonder that he is. Our lives are so much more full and we continue to love watching him learn (and enjoy!) the world around him.

Cognitive Development

His new favorite thing is happy screaming as loudly and as often as he possibly can. Of course, I think it’s the most adorable thing I have ever heard or seen in my 27 years of existence.

He continues to love blowing spit bubbles, watching our mouths as we talk and trying to speak. He has also reached the IMUSTTOUCHEVERYTHING phase. This, of course, also runs in tandem with the IMUSTPUTEVERYTHINGINMYMOUTH phase. He is one curious little devil, to say the least.

He’s much more distracted by his surroundings and loves making a grab for just about everything. Let’s just say the coffee-drinking now happens after he’s safely distanced on his play mat. (“Hot” may just be one of his first words).

Physical Development

This kid is soooo close to crawling. He has learned that he has to get up on his knees to move and has managed to worm his way from point A to point B more than once or twice. Either way, he’s gotten pretty good at getting to where he wants to go by rolling alone.

He’s holding onto his status as a ridiculously long baby, and while he’s still in 6 to 9 month clothes, I’m not sure how long he’s going to stay there. It’s so cliche to say but it really is amazing just how fast they grow!

This month was especially exciting because we introduced solids! Like all babies, he wasn’t really sure what to make of the bland rice cereal at first, but he quickly took to it and actually enjoys shoving the spoon into his mouth himself. We’ve also tried carrots and sweet potatoes – both of which he seems to prefer to the rice cereal (can’t say that I blame him).

The month ended with a particularly exciting event – the appearance of a couple of bottom teeth! They are still just barely poking through at this point but it definitely explains all the recent drool. Andy and I definitely had a moment of happy-sadness as we realized our baby had reached such a big milestone. He seriously grows up before our eyes!

Life Updates

Alden celebrated his first Easter! The cutest bunny I ever did see, if I do say so myself.

The weather has also been turning in CNY so we’ve been able to spend some real time outside. It has certainly been a nice change for all of us and he seems to love the fresh air. Except for wind – he’s not too sure what to make of that just yet.

Postpartum Update

I’m finally starting to really feel like “me” again. It’s crazy how long a full transition back to normalcy really takes. But then again – once you consider the complete overhaul your life and body go through after having a baby, I suppose it isn’t really that surprising.

On top of feeling more like myself, I’m starting to get the hang of being a “working mom.” I sincerely wish Alden could be home with Andy and I all the time, but at the same time, it’s also nice to have time to just be myself and focus on things other than caregiving. I do think that having time away from Alden also enables me to be a better mother when I’m around him. Spending time focusing on being my own individual allows me to recharge and being away from him means that I’m much more attentive when he is home.

In terms of my physical recovery, my weight loss has slowed dramatically but I’m OK with that. I know that with consistency I will get back to where I want to be. In truth, it really isn’t about the weight or a specific number – I’m just thankful to be feeling physically healthy and more like myself (pregnancy was ROUGH). It’s also been exciting and rewarding to watch my physical fitness come back in leaps and bounds. Hard work does pay off. It’s nice to be reminded of this once in a while.

Lessons Learned During Month Five:

  • Changing a baby can sometimes feel like wrestling a small but resilient alligator.
  • You’ll miss the newborn days while simultaneously being very happy that they’re over.
  • Sending your kid to daycare does get easier.
  • Putting your baby in designated “eating clothes” isn’t a bad idea come dinner time.
  • You may still feel “weird” or insecure five months into your journey as a new parent. That’s OK.

Favorite Products for Month Five

Little Planet Organic Sleep & Play Set, World Of Eric Carle™ Organic Muslin Bib And Burpcloth Set, Oribel Activity Center, My First Library Board Book Set, Munchkin Infant Spoons

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