Alden’s Six-Month Update

Alden Turns Six Months Old!

Happy half-birthday to our special little guy! It’s amazing and almost unbelievable how every month seems to fly by faster than the last. Happy half birthday, Alden Andrew Scott! These last six months have been the most joyous and fulfilling of our lives.

Cognitive Development

We’re still stuck on the one word (“Hi!”) but occasionally we get some noises that sound like “Dada.” It’s funny how you can tell when he’s really concentrating on his speech; he tries to mimic the shape of our mouths and the sounds emitting from them.

This month he has continued to love dropping things from all heights and has added shaking to the mix. He also loves banging his toys against different surfaces.

He loves playing peek-a-boo and analyzing how things work. He is nothing if not curious. His favorite toys right now include anything that plays music. I’m currently researching different toddler pianos!

Physical Development

We’re sitting! He still topples over when his attention wains or he grabs too far for something, but it’s amazing to watch a baby go from not being able to even hold their own head up to sitting on their own less than six months later. He’s also started really eyeballing and grabbing the top of his crib. Andy and I get a pretty good laugh watching him on the monitor as he tries to figure out how to pull himself up.

He is capable of walking in his walker but tends to get frustrated if he’s left to try walking for too long. He’s starting to really grasp the notion that he has to be up on his knees to crawl so we think it’s probably only a matter of time before he’s much, much more mobile. Although, it’s pretty impressive how well he gets around from rolling alone. We’ve been practicing “pack and play time” to get him used to the idea of being contained and (thankfully) he loves it!

His tiny little bottom teeth are slowly getting bigger and he has been putting them to use trying new foods including pumpkin, pears, peas and peaches (didn’t realize we were sticking to the “p” family until I typed that out). The poor little guy has been a drool monster lately so we’re pretty sure more teeth are on the way.

Life Updates

Alden celebrated his first Cinco de Mayo!

He also helped me celebrate my first Mother’s Day! He and his dad bought me a couple of blueberry bushes and cooked me a seafood dinner. It was glorious.

Postpartum Update

This month I hit 50 pounds lost and celebrated with a bit of an online shopping spree (no shame whatsoever). I’m really proud of myself for hitting this milestone without any excessive measures or unhealthy habits. I exercise every day, I hit my step goal and I choose healthful, natural foods (most of the time). It’s all a balance and I love how this lifestyle makes me feel. I truly believe that wellness is a lifestyle, not a one-time goal to be checked off of a list. I’m not yet physically back to where I was pre-pregnancy but it’s all in good time. I’m honestly amazed how far I’ve come in six months and I know it will help me be much more mentally positive during my next pregnancy.

Lessons Learned During the Six Month of Motherhood

  • Everything in the world will be viewed through the lens of, “Is this a choking hazard?”
  • Watching a baby get mad because you took something away from them is honestly pretty hilarious and adorable.
  • Your child may gently caress your face as a way to lure you in so that they can then proceed to dig in with their tiny but powerful baby claws.
  • Watching your child get shots never gets any easier.

Favorite Products for Month Six

Baby Boys’ Shark Romper, Infant Spoons, SoundBub Bluetooth Speaker, Baby Trend Walker

After this post I’ve decided I’m going to be switching to two-month combined updates. Stay tuned for my 7&8 month update to come in July!

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