4 Morning Sickness Essentials That Are Worth Buying Before You Get Pregnant

Like most pregnant women will tell you, morning sickness is probably the most inaccurately-named ailment on planet Earth. Contrary to its name, it can (and often does) last all day and all night, with little to no relief. While nothing truly "cured" the feeling of constant nausea or daily puking sessions for me during those first 13 weeks, there were a handful of remedies that made the experience slightly more bearable. Should my husband and I choose to have another baby, you can be sure that the first step in my pregnancy journey will be stockpiling these supplies so that I'm prepared for impending storm.

Hyggelig Places: Wagner Farms

This Labor Day weekend, Andy and I were looking for something different to do and found ourselves venturing to nearby Wagner Farms in Rome, NY. The farm is known for its two beautiful sunflower fields and we were fortunate to catch their newest field in peak bloom. Read on to learn more the farm and my travel take-aways for planning a visit!